My Second Month Experience at TIIDELAB

Hello there, Its 2 months at TIIDELab already!!! How time flies! My second month at TIIDELab is a lot more splendid and better than my first. Continue reading as I narrate my wonderful experience.

My Second month is majorly about JavaScript. At TIIDELab, there are two learning tracks which are the Frontend and Backend Track. It doesn’t matter which track someone is. JavaScript is needed for both as fellows on both tracks are going to be using JavaScript Framework of React JS and Node Js respectively. JavaScript is the core language. The second Month at TIIDELab is about consolidating the basic knowledge of JavaScript as it is crucial to my web development journey.

We now have a new instructor for the JavaScript part in the person of Mr. Kenny. For the first week, we learnt about general programming concepts: variables, operator, conditional statements, and loops. Mr. Kenny’s method of teaching JavaScript is unique because he teaches us live on Zoom and he also explains any topic or concept clearly. The most interesting part of the class is that we are given exercise and a few minutes to work on it to ensure all fellows are following and getting it. Our first exercise is to use JavaScript to build a simple USSD Payment system where users can transfer money, buy airtime and data, and pay other bills. The first Exercise gave me an indication that the JavaScript class is going to solid. Just what I crave!

The following week; we learnt about functions, variable and function scoping, and objects. We this knowledge, I was able to complete an exercise which is to populate a table via JavaScript functions. During the third week, we learnt about arrays and array methods use to add, edit, delete, and manipulate elements in an array. I also learnt how to use local storage to save data. In the final week of the second month, we learnt about the DOM (Document Object Model), how to manipulate the DOM, and also how to append, edit, manipulate, and delete the content of a page dynamically using the knowledge of DOM manipulation.

The last two month is not only about learning, all the JavaScript knowledge and methods learnt so far was applied to my team projects which is the i2talk Chat App. My team members and I were able to implement user authentication and management functionality, Nearby User Search using keywords and Geolocation feature, dairy, and reminder feature on our chat Application Project. We are working towards building the best user-friendly Chat application in the world.

The Friday meetup is always knowledge and fun-packed. I have learnt about crucial soft skills for the past two months. I learnt about decision making and decision-making traps, and problem-solving skills. Industry experts also educate us on meetups about career paths in software engineering. The last meet up of the second month is amazing. The day coincides with the day after Nigeria Independence Day. We formed the house of Representatives and the Senate at the meetup as a role play and discussed lingering issues like security, health care, and economy; affecting our dear nation and also proffered solutions to the problem among ourselves the fellow. The Head of House challenge for that week is a quiz about Nigeria. The challenge was very informative and educational. We celebrated Nigeria’s Independence in style by cutting a cake at the end of the meetup.

Independence Day Celebration at TIIDELab Friday Meet Up

Being a fellow TIIDELab gives you access to software engineering job opportunities. Lots of Job opportunities are posted for the past two months. I applied for some and completed the Two-stage coding challenge on Coderbyte and even proceeding to the Interview stage. I have learnt a lot from the Job application process. I might not have that opportunity experience without TIIDELab. TIIDELab has transformed almost everything about me from the way think, reason, communicate, relate, analyse, and solve problems, even to the point of decision making. My technical skills and knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are top-notch. I imagine how the remainder of my stay at the TIIDELab would be. I am very fortunate to be a fellow of this wonderful and life-changing fellowship.

Aspiring Backend Web Developer. Proficient in HTML, CSS, Python, Javascript. Undergraduate at Lagos State University Studying Chemical Engineering.